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Peak Advantage

A Local Internet Marketing Company.


We work with all types of businesses, from the established business with many employees to home based businesses that are looking to get more customers in the local SEO market.


Whether you need web development or you already have a website, we will show you how to drive more new customers to your business.  A website that is set up with local seo on-line promotion will bring you a lot more new customers than you are getting today. 


Call us at 635 5493 for a no obligation consultation and we will provide you with a FREE website analysis!


We will communicate with you in plain language (we donít speak techie), so that you will understand exactly what the Internet can do for you and how to do it with any budget.

A Local Internet Marketing Company.

Colorado Springs since 1999

internet marketing company,web development
internet marketing company,web development
internet marketing company,web development
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FREE Website Analysis News & Tips

We updated our website with new structure and a new look. The response has been very positive. I didn't realize how many people actually use the website on a regular basis. We now understand how important it is to not let the site get "stale".

Thanks for the great work!
Janna Botello
Very few business investments have paid off more than Peak Advantages'.
Tom & Connie have giving me personal attention, and have proven their
creative loyalty for years. When clients reach my website, they breathe a
sigh of relief, and seldom search further.
Jason E. Bruins, president
Sunrise Restoration

Peak Advantage Services
  • Website Consultations: You will understand, the how, what and where the Internet will work for you.
  • Local SEO Online Promotion: Your website will be on page one for keyword searches.
  • Local Webmarketing: Your website will dominate the search engines and beat the competition.
  • Web Development:  A new  website or revamping your website.
  • Mobile Websites: Designed for use by mobile devices.
  • Video Production: Short and sweet video production for your site or social
  • Hosting:  Reliable 99.9% up-time with Tools and training so you can make changes if you want to be involved.
  • Website Maintenance: We will update or change your website within one business day.
  • Ecommerce: Online store creation with statewide, nationwide or Colorado Springs promotion.
  • Social Media:  You can take advantage of social media. (Facebook, Twitter, ETC.)

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