internet marketing company

 Internet Marketing Company

Peak Advantage LLC. has been in the web developement business since 1999 in Colorado Springs, providng businesses with website design and marketing  strategies that enhance a company’s image and profitability. We get the job done by asking a lot of questions to ensure that we know what you want to accomplish with a website and attracting the people (market niche) who are most interested in what you have to offer. Our websites are completed and on-line within 30 days of receiving the materials needed to complete the project.
Tom Miller/Web Consultant and Local Internet Marketing Specialist  has been in the marketing field for over 30 years. His Internet marketing experience will help you when creating and promoting your website. Tom knows how to get people to your site by optimizing the content and using techniques designed to get them to come into your store, order your products on-line or by picking up the phone for an appointment.
EXPERIENCE: 25 years of marketing in the cable television industry, 12 years experience as an Internet based business operator. Since 2010 Tom has learned how to have a website dominate the Internet so that it can be found in many sources available on the Internet.
Connie Miller, Web Designer has 25 years experience in art layout and design, and customer service. We find that an attractive site will keep Web surfers on your site for longer periods of time, giving them a chance to view all that your business has to offer. This means a much greater chance that they will give you their business.
EXPERIENCE: 11 years of web design and layout, 30 years art layout and 30 years customer service and administrative duties. Continuing Education to keep ahead of the ever-changing trends in the Website Design and Internet marketing field.
Call us at 635 5493 for a no obligation consultation and we will provide you with a FREE website analysis!

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